ISLA LOCA 2020 - STATEMENT - Isla Loca Festival
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Dear Isla Loca Familia,

To those of you who have been waiting for an update from us, we thank you for your patience. These are unprecedented times that no one could have predicted. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused disruption to many events & businesses as well as individuals who have been caught up in the disaster. Our thoughts are with you all as we get through these tough times.

This pandemic leaves many of you to question what happens next with Isla Loca Festival 2020 and we would like to address your concerns in a timely & informative manner. As of now, our team is monitoring the situation closely day by day as things start to become clearer. The organizers are working with the appropriate government organisations and local venues whilst taking on the advice provided by the World Health Organisation. We are making daily progress but we must also evaluate the risks and ensure the health and safety of our customers is at the forefront of any decision we take.

Isla Loca Festival 2020 is 16 weeks away and a lot has happened in such a short space of time. We must not rush into any decisions which could impact our festival familia and we want to ensure that we have all the answers for you when we make a statement on what our next steps are.

All customers will be updated via e-mail as soon as we have a solid update with answers to any potential queries you might have. Please feel free to DM us as we’re responding to all of you who might be worried, but for now, we hope that you can ride this journey with us and give us time to make the right decisions.

It’s going to be a tough year for all, we need to get through this together. Social distancing is important, but can be difficult too. We aim to keep you guys entertained and as informed as possible, keeping the conversation going, as well as sprinkling a touch of light hearted content onto your feeds to keep spirits high.

La música will live on, music will be the key that unites us all, so keep perreando, stay safe and stay positive.


What about Refunds?

In regards to refunds, we are continuing with preparations and hoping to execute the festival as planned, however, this may change based on the advice given by the WHO and the local authorities for Croatia in July. While the event moves forward, our normal refund process applies and can be found via the ticket retailers terms and conditions pages. Should there be changes to the event for 2020, we will alert customers and communicate the next steps. We can assure that you’ll be the first ones to be contacted regarding this topic if anything does change.

What about flights to Croatia?

We are devastated to hear the reports that Ryan Air is cancelling flights for our customers. As you can imagine it is a situation that’s out of our hands at the moment, we understand that individual airlines will take appropriate action to reduce their risks during such difficult times for the airline industry. Whilst we are closely monitoring the situation we ask you to speak to the airline directly as to whether there are other options. The festival organizers are working hard to evaluate the current climate and what steps we will take that might impact our customers.

Airline cancellation policies are currently responding to demand and customer concerns resulting in increased flexibility day by day, you can stay tuned via the links below:

Talk to us: | The Isla Loca Team